Energi till hund

Energi till hund

Energy for dog

Energy for the dog: For quick energy and recovery for the active dog.

Give your dog energy with the right supplements such as Power, Sport and Pro-X

Ensuring your dog's well-being is vital for all dog owners. Just like us humans, our dogs need the right nutrition to stay in top shape and be able to perform in training and competition. The Swedish DjurApoteket has supplements for dogs that provide extra energy, recovery and muscle building.

Supplement for energy for the dog

When it comes to giving your dog extra energy, there is the supplement Power. Power works as a boost before and between training, competition, hiking or when your dog needs a little extra energy. The supplement distinguishes itself by delivering a powerful energy source from black soldier fly. Black soldier fly has many positive properties, such as being kind to the stomach. We have based Power on fat instead of carbohydrates, which gives a quick energy to the body and the bud. Through carefully selected ingredients, you can be sure that your dog receives the necessary power and nutrition to perform at its optimal level.


1. Ultimate energy boost: Power offers a real boost of energy for active dogs, designed to give your dog the extra boost it needs to perform at its peak.

2. Contains black soldier fly: The black soldier fly has many positive properties. Good digestibility of protein is considered to be above 80%, and the protein in black soldier fly averages around 85%. Promotes antioxidant activity and gut health. The black soldier fly is also nutritious and contains plenty of protein, essential amino acids and beneficial fatty acids. Last but not least, insect protein is a sustainable protein source that requires significantly less resources compared to other more traditional protein sources.

3. Safe and Nutritious: With a focus on quality and natural ingredients.

Supplement for the dog for muscle building

Pro-X, a versatile protein powder. Ideal for both young dogs and adult dogs that are active and train hard. It promotes muscle building and provides increased energy, performance and endurance. Its quick results and easy absorption make it perfect for all dogs that need an extra boost. The addition is made on a black soldier's bow tie.

Pro-x :

1. Want to build more muscle

2. Shit harder


Supplement to the dog for recovery

Explore Swedish Veterinary Pharmacy Sport: The Ultimate Recovery Mix for Hard Working Dogs

Swedish DjurApotekets Sport is a unique mix of MSM, vitamin C and amino acids that is created to promote faster recovery after exercise for your hard-working dogs. This special formulation is designed to support the muscles and reduce the recovery period after intense physical activity. Use for a longer time and gives effect after about 30 days, compared to Pro-x which gives effect immediately.

The difference between Pro-x and Sport:

Pro-x : Gives effect immediately. Protein powder that promotes muscle building.
Sports : Gives effect after about 30 days, faster on the recovery process.

Pro-x and Sport are two supplements you can combine for active dogs to be sure that you give the dog the building blocks needed to increase muscle mass and provide a proper recovery.

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